Z'S BY THE C (2008-2010)

Created by Eric and Mia, Z’s by the C—a project in art and social engagement—invited participants to craft a personalized sleeping mask before publicly catching some Z’s by the “C”, the city. A playful, but critically aimed project, Z’s by the C sought to destabilize public and private space by performing a highly intimate, though pedestrian act—napping in the city. Increasingly our cities are privatizing public space and implementing social policies that prohibit loitering and consequently public sleeping; a move which Rushton and Moschopedis perceive as not only an affront to our society’s marginalized and fatigued citizens, but also an attack on public dreaming. As a public intervention, Z’s by the C seeks to rectify this situation, if only temporarily, by creating a sleeping-zone that legitimates public napping for all demographics under the aegis of art.

Z’s by the C, has been presented in Zurich, New York City, Ottawa, Toronto, and Calgary.          

Participants of Z’s by the C were invited to choose from a variety of stock sleeping masks that Rushton and Moschopedis had sewn in advance. Stock masks were made of fabric with a single elastic strap. To these masks, participants could select from a number of letters, images, buttons, or symbols that were affixed by way of iron transfer, simple sewing, or stamping—the result being, a wholly unique sleeping mask participants took home with them. Following the creation of their sleeping masks, participants were invited to identify a location of their choosing within a demarcated sleeping-zone, cover their eyes, and take a quick nap. During Z’s by the C participants were encouraged to nap for at least 10 minutes. Upon waking, participants were decorated with a Z’s by the C patch an initiative that began with TRUCK’s CAMPER PATCH PROJECT.     

Z’s by the C is a project that seeks to intervene in public space with an otherwise private practice. It is consistent with and advances our collaborative practice of creating community through performance and relational events.

Many of the photos below were taken by our close friend and collaborator Bryce Krynski.