where our secrets meet and other derivatives of losing (2015) 

Created by Eric with his pal Keyede Osuntokun, where our secrets meet and other derivatives of losing is a limited edition publication and gallery exhibition. 

In 2012, Richard Florida published the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Rise of the Creative Class. Over the decade since its original publication, Florida’s theories of creative capitalism and urban planning strategies have both positively and negatively impacted social and spatial practices here in Calgary and many other Western cities. Early in 2014, Eric and Keyede agreed to intervene into Florida’s toxic discourse by reading and studying their own copies of the 2012 edition of Rise of the Creative Class, highlighting sections of the book based on a set of five critical and affective criteria. Over several months, Moschopedis and Osuntokun filled up Florida’s pages with highlighter ink and marginalia—inscribing onto the pages their own personalities, identities, histories, politics, and affects. 

where our secrets meet and other derivatives of losing records Moschopedis and Osuntokun’s performative and collaborative process. Composed of five-hundred-and-twenty-two photographs, the exhibition and publication presents the books as material objects—two copies of the same book as wholly unique, yet both critically rising against Florida’s own words.  

Eric’s book is on the left. Keyede’s on the right.