We are so stoked to announce the temporary public art skatepark programming we have planned for this summer! What Flamingo is the second phase of the Skate School for Women that we ran last year. More women skateboarding = the best!

We have partnered with our buds over at 100% Skate Club (an all girls skate group) to bring Melanie Mercier and Annie Guglia to skate, hang out, and be rad for a week in June. Melanie Mercier is the co-founder of Chickflip in Vancouver and skates with Silly Girl Skateboards. Annie Guglia hails from Montreal and among many other sweet things, rides for Meow Skateboards. These two women have had a huge impact on their local women's skate scenes and have international networks that we hope will continue to inspire the Calgary community.

There is gonna be a number of rad open skate sessions, the Calgary premier of "Quit Your Day Job" - an all women's skate video that Annie is featured in, 100% Skate Club is holding a fundraiser, and Melanie is going to launch the 2nd issue of her amazing Dame Skatezine! And and and.... Marlene Hielema will be running a free skateboarding photography workshop for women! Plus so much more!

eric moschopedis