We recently closed our exhibition New Maps of Paradise curated by Diana Sherlock at the Nickle Galleries. The exhibition surveyed our individual and collaborative practices over the past 15 years. As part of the exhibition we created a 40 minute video portrait of our grandmothers. We have just uploaded a short 6:30 excerpt of the video.

the resemblance is undeniable/footnote is a two-channel video portrait that responds to a very specific component of our archive—a 2013 lecture that we wrote and performed regarding creating community through performance. In the lecture we introduce our grandmas and tell the audience that,

"our work is not about these two, but is almost always dedicated to them [...]. What we do is dedicated to the futures they imagined in their youths and it is dedicated to changing the futures they worry we are moving towards."

The video portrait captures our grandmas (Laura Tuomi and Anna Moschopedis) telling stories, sitting in stillness, laughing, and of course expressing their beliefs. By creating a work with our grandmothers we have established a direct link between their individual politics and the politics that are expressed throughout our body of work. The stories that our grandmothers tell on camera are stories that we grew up hearing. They are case studies in building community, examples of social justice, strategies for creating social relationships, and critiques of class, age, and gender.

You can check the video out below (best to watch it full screen).