2 works, 3 talks, 6 questions

Eric is excited to announce that he has a show at The New Gallery in Calgary. He is showing two new works that he created with his buds Keyede Osuntokun and Bryce Krynski. 

Here is some info about the exhibition:

2 works, 3 talks, 6 questions is a series of events, art works, and conversations. This series seeks to reflect how artists, cultural workers, and audiences are implicated in creating social and spatial inequalities in today’s creative economy. where our secrets meet and other derivatives of losing, one of two gallery works in the exhibition is made up of 522 photographs. The images are a document of Moschopedis and Osuntokun’s collaboration. Together they highlighted individual copies of Richard Florida's Rise of the Creative Class using a critical and affective colour coded criteria. The second series of photographs--10 portraits of people in goldface...--created by Krynski and Moschopedis, cynically calls into question the notions of "creativity" as being a social and economic equalizer. To accompany the visual works, Moschopedis has curated a series of public discussions by Dover Kids Club, Katie Varney, and Hye-Seung Jung that open up a conversation around the exhibit.


Placement and Displacement: Public Art and the Creative City in East Calgary
A talk and walk by Katie Varney
Sunday September 13, 2:00 pm
Meet at the Simmons Building (618 Confluence Way S.E.)
(approximately 1 hour)

Katie Varney is a cultural worker, designer and recent Masters graduate from the U of C’s Communication and Culture program. Her academic research looks at public art and its connection to urban development and gentrification processes. Join her on a guided walk and discussion about how the creative city script is playing out in East Calgary.

Dover Kids Club: Creating Grassroots Culture
A talk by Pam Beebe and Tito Gomez
Tuesday September 29, 7:00 pm
The New Gallery (208 Centre Street S, Calgary, Alberta)

Started by Pam Beebe and Tito Gomez, Dover Kids Club is a grassroots youth initiative that seeks to create safe social spaces for the children that live in and around the community of Dover. Since its founding in September of 2014, Dover Kids Club has hosted different social events, spoken word and poetry workshops, and is working with the Greater Forest Lawn Senior Centre and Native Network’s youth program to create cultural opportunities within their community. Come here their story.


There is No Future, Yet: A Conversation between Hye-Seung Jung and Eric Moschopedis
Tuesday October 6th, 7:00 pm
The New Gallery (208 Centre Street S, Calgary, Alberta)

Hye-Seung Jung is a visual artist based in Calgary, Canada. Her art practice involves an observation of built-environments. She asks how societal values are embedded in these spaces and how, for instance, spaces relate to human interaction, a sense of belonging, and the creation of culture. In consideration with geographic and cultural contexts, Jung explores the themes of place, a sense of community, and spirituality. In July, Hye-Seung Jung and Eric Moschopedis sat down to have a conversation about artists, the city, spaces, economics, and cultural policy. They have been meeting regularly ever since to share information, wrestle with contemporary culture, and at times imagine possible futures. Come sit in on one of these conversations and add a voice.

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