"We lay on the living room floor for an hour after making ourselves vomit. The carpet is dirty and our fingers are sticky. But we don't care. We are waiting to die."

- Hunter, Gatherer, Purveyor (Charlottetown, PE)


We didn't die! Mia and I are alive and well and we have finally compiled the zines, broadsheets, and maps we made over the last year for Hunter, Gatherer, Purveyor. Each zine, or the like, is made up of drawings of vegetation, recipes for the popsicles we made, and personal narratives about our time in each city (Charlottetown, Montreal, Toronto, and Edmonton). Here's the thing: you could go to each city and make yer own icy treats. For each community we tell you where you need to look (generally) to collect the plants we did (acting suspicious is up to you!).

We really like these pieces of ephemera. We handed them out with the edible art objects--as we like to call them. People could taste different socio-economic geographies while reading (say what!).

Download them here: http://www.ericmoschopedis.com/#/hunter-gatherer-purveyor/

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