We have a set of four different prints in an edition of five for sale. The prints are from the on-going project Because even under the cover of darkness we are haunted by the past.

The prints are 22" x 34" (unframed) and 30.5" x 42" (framed).

Interested? Contact us here.

Here is what we have to say about the prints:

The photographic representations of the quilts are more a type of portraiture, than they are documentation. The quilts in the photographs are surrogates. They are standing in place of and physically obscuring the person who the quilt is about. And by borrowing the traditional method of presenting a quilt in casual settings—wherein the maker stands behind the fabric, arms stretched out, holding it as best they can with fingers and toes exposed—we are capturing an instance of performance. But unlike the harsh juxtaposition of quilts being displayed by a maker in a kitchen or living room, we have placed our quilts in environments that contextualize both the quilt and the person it is meant to represent. In this way, we are documenting the quilt unaffected by memory, while forever altering the “original” story told to us by the participant. The photographs are the public face of a largely private art object (the quilts) and representations of a much larger process of social engagement.

The photos were created in collaboration with our pal Bryce Krynski.

at the waters edge small.jpg
paranormal romance reader small.jpg
fill in the blanks small.jpg
Image 2.jpg