Because even under the cover of darkness...

(2013 - ongoing)

because even under the cover of darkness we are haunted by the past deals with ideas of nostalgia and personal identity. Through an intimate process of engagement we learn about an  individuals personal memories, what they long for, and life altering events. After our interviews we compose a piece of text that represents the individual or one of the stories that they shared. Once approved by the interviewee, the text is incorporated into a quilt that acts as a monument—an object that holds and enacts the individuals memory in the present. The quilts, like nostalgia, brings the individuals literal comfort in remembering. 

The quilts are co-owned by the us and the interviewees and can be borrowed for exhibitions. The expectation is that the quilts will be used, misused, and degraded over time by the individual—not unlike memories. 

To accompany the quilts a series of portraits have been created with our collaborator Bryce Krynski to document the quilts in their original state.