A Revolution Come and Gone (Only to be Brought Back Again Someday) is a community-based art project that brings together elements of performance, participation, and pop-science to create a document of nearly every professional artist in Calgary during 2012. Part time capsule, part yearbook, and part blueprint for a possible future, A Revolution Come and Gone... is a collection of DNA samples and a list of individuals who make Calgary what it is today (fucked up and funny?). By archiving fragments of artist’s saliva, hair follicles, and fingernails future citizens will have the option of regenerating the 2012 arts community should a natural disaster, plague, or mass exodus to Montreal should leave the city without its artists sometime in the future. Allen Ginsberg said, “Don’t fuck up your revolution”. But now we can, because we can do it all over again someday in the future!

Throughout the spring and summer of 2012 I set up a portable “clinic” at visual art openings, theatre festivals, dance performances, music shows, or other cultural events to collect DNA from artists in attendance. Not unlike a rural doctor, I was also available to make house calls to participating artist’s place of employment or residence. To answer your question: yeah, I had hoped to collect more DNA. But think of it this way. I did one-hundred-and-forty-five seven minute performances for an audience of one (so really, not so bad!) Plus I was allowed to touch a lot of people’s heads. Sweet!

A Revolution Come and Gone... is like Jurassic Park but with artists instead of dinosaurs; it is akin to reaching the checkpoint in Bowser’s Castle in Mario Brothers—should your character (or arts community) die, you do not have to start from the beginning of the level!

The collected DNA was displayed as part of a group show called The Secret Map Flees (with you in mind) at Pith Studio and Gallery.